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Study assistance request (special for students benefiting from within the State of Kuwait)
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Please indicate the income generated by the parent or the student himself according to the points listed below: amount
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The value of the monthly income from charitable sources (charities or benefactors)
Explanation of the case
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principal acceptance from the university in which to study *
A recent account statement approved by the university with the amount due *
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A recent account statement from the parent's bank for the last three months *
A copy of the death certificate (item for orphans)
A copy of the wife's vacancy for the mother (in case of divorce or widows)
A copy from the outlets stating that the guardian is outside the country (in case of deportation from the country)
A copy of the medical report explaining the case in Arabic (in case of illness)
A copy of the guardian's judgment (in case of imprisonment)
A certificate from the court after obtaining spousal maintenance (in case of divorce)