the Kuwait Society for Student support
Conditions for obtaining a scholarship in universities
  • The student must be a student who excels academically (the last academic grade is not less than very good), and the student with distinction is preferred over other students
  • The scholarship should be for scientific disciplines, and rare ones are preferred
  • To be one of the groups in need of assistance to continue studying
  • Should have obtained a preliminary approval from the university in which to study
  • The universities are recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education in Kuwait
  • Complete all required documents. (As shown below)
  • The student must maintain his academic level of at least very good
  • The scholarship will stop if the student's average is low, and he will not return it until he gets very good.
  • The scholarship is canceled if the student is unable to improve his academic level within one year and is replaced by another student in the same academic year
  • The student undertakes in writing to continue the study for which he is nominated
  • Submit study reports periodically according to the regulations of the entity in which they are studying
  • Stopping assistance in the event of a student being dismissed from the entity in which he is studying or a drop in grades
  • The student, in case of receiving the scholarship, is obligated to sign with the association an acknowledgment and pledge to continue studying
Required Documents


  • A book explaining the situation supported by the documents mentioned in it
  • A recent account statement approved by the university with the amount due
  • Certificate of the last academic qualification (photocopy + original for review)
  • Initial acceptance from the university to study at (copy + original for review)
  • An official certificate from the Ministry of Higher Education stating that this university is recognized
  • Parent's salary certificate (work permit) or social insurance certificate in case of retirement
  • Passport copy of the student
  • Photo of the student's birth certificate
  • Civil ID photos for all family members
  • Rental Agreement + Lease Receipt
  • A recent bank statement from the parent
  • 2 4x6 personal photos